DataExchange and API

DataExchange and API Documentation


The DataExchange is a tool that allows users to access data hosted on their account in Currently the DataExchange gives you access to the following entities:

  • Position Reports
  • Sensor Data
  • DataMessages
  • Flight Plans
  • Heartbeat (system monitor)

Data can be extracted by modulating a URL that includes a username, password and a “From” date/time. Below you will find a URL builder that helps you construct your URL. The purpose of the URL builder is to provide you with a URL string that can be used in your data extraction application. You will need to set up a routine that updates the start time if you use the “Since certain time/date” option.


The API allows you to build global 2-way messaging solutions in a matter hours, not month. The API provides interfaces for both and the Blue Sky Network D1000. Customers and vendors are using the API to develop applications for Flight Planning, Manifesting and Weather Reporting. Please see the DataExchange and API User Guide for further information.

Follow this link to get to the DataMessage post page (for sending DataMessages to a D1000 unit).

Build my SkyRouter DataExchange URL

Data Type:
certain date/time

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